Fire and Ice Therapy

Fire and Ice Therapy is one of the sports injury recovery treatments and workout relief treatments we provide for our diverse patient base at NainaMD Beverly Hills.

fire and ice therapy

The Fire

We help patients who suffer from arthritis, muscle pulls, inflammation, and more. Fire and Ice Therapy has been shown to be an extremely effective treatment for a number of injuries and conditions. Best of all, it’s easily affordable!

Fire and Ice Therapy works on multiple levels while the cold element can work for acute injuries, inflammation, and swelling, the heat element works for muscle pain and muscle stiffness.

Heat therapy is nothing new. The Fire in our Fire and Ice Therapy improves circulation, not to mention blood flow in a targeted area due to increased temperature. This increased temperature will soothe any discomfort you’re experiencing while increasing muscle flexibility. Relax and soothe your muscles while at the same time healing damaged tissue!

fire and ice therapy

The Ice

The cold element of Fire and Ice Therapy can be considered cryotherapy. Cold temperatures provide relief by reducing blood flow to a specific area — which can significantly reduce inflammation. Cold therapy can also considerably reduce painful swelling, particularly in joints and/or tendons. The fact that cold therapy can also reduce nerve activity also helps with pain management.

Of course, it’s best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to Fire and Ice Therapy, because knowing when it’s right to use cold and heat therapy will drastically improve the efficacy of treatment.

Contact NainaMD Beverly Hills today to schedule your consultation. We’ll answer any questions you might have and set you on the footpath that leads to wellness and regeneration. Fire and Ice Therapy is more than just a massage — it’s a sports injury recovery solution and workout relief treatment.


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