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Those who suffer from low libido in Los Angeles and beyond will experience a host of symptoms in addition to having a lower amount of prowess in the bedroom.

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Low Libido Defined

Having a “Low Libido” is used as a somewhat general term for someone who has a lack of interest in being sexually active. Low libido can come about from a combination of factors whether they be biological, psychological, personal, or resulting from a troublesome relationship. All of these factors can have a say in a person’s desire in that department — which is an important aspect of a successful marriage and relationship. Libido management from NainaMD Beverly Hills can be valuable in this regard.

Sexual desire can certainly fluctuate. It might change if you’re experiencing trouble at work or trouble with your partner. It might increase if you’re active in the gym or have huge success in another department of life (work, for example).

It’s difficult to pin down because everyone’s sexual desire is different, every person has their own needs to be satisfied.

To lose interest in sex and have a lack of an obvious reason might be cause for some men to seek out a professional’s opinion. That’s where NainaMD Beverly Hills comes into play. We can help you treat low libido. We work with patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, as well as our surrounding communities.

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Low Libido Causes

Low libido can come about from a variety of reasons, even medical or psychiatric conditions — like varying levels of depression. Those who have low testosterone levels (also referred to as androgen deficiency) might be experiencing low libido. Low libido can also arise from chronic pain, illness, or body image issues.

The use of substances, whether they be antidepressant prescription drugs, blood pressure medicines, or excessive marijuana or alcohol use can also suppress and lower your feelings of desire. We also see patients who need low libido treatment because of stress or overexertion at work, excessive (or also lack of) exercise, as well as problems that are happening in their relationships.

What to do if You Have Low Libido

If you believe you’re suffering from low libido, contact NainaMD Beverly Hills today. We have a fantastic track record of successfully providing libido management for patients. Boost your libido today by scheduling your consultation.


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