InflaCleanse Advanced



InflaCleanse Advanced (Natural Pineapple Banana Flavor) is a medical food formulated to provide specialized nutritional support- including reduced iso-alpha acids (RIAA, from hops), L-glutamine, and easily digestible rice protein- for patients experiencing inflammation and pain associated with inflammatory bowel disease. This advanced formula features selective kinase response modulators (SKRMs) in the form of RIAA, which has been shown to benefically influence the function of enzymes involved in inflammatory processes. Provide in a low-allergenic-potential rice protein base, this formula is also enhanced with L-glutamine to support intestinal mucosal cells and a special phytonutrient blend of ginger, rosemary, and turmeric. Ginger and rosemary help to support healthy eicosanoid and cytokine metabolism, while tumeric extract has been shown in research to inhitbit the activities of a wide variety ofcompounds implicated in pain and inflammation.

* Medical Food

* Natural Pineapple Banana Flavor with Other Natural Flavors

* Net weight 25.7 oz (728 g)


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